CAM-Fonts in detail
Alternate 1 Line
Arcade 1 Line
AuntJudy 1 Line
Civitype 1 Line
DINEngschrift 1 Line
DINMittelschrift 1 Line
George 1 Line
Kaufmann 1 Line
Madeleine 1 Line
Paintbrush 1 Line
Romantique 1 Line
Standard 1 Line
Surf 1 Line

Engraving Fonts

These fonts are high-quality single line fonts that have been developed especially for the fast engraving process. As these fonts are are not filled, they are processed very quickly.

The fonts are available in TrueType, OpenType and Type-1 format for the platforms Windows, Apple, and Unix. The fonts don't need any tool radius correction, reducing the calculation time as well as processing time.

All fonts are delivered as a plain 1-Line plus a 2-Line variant. The CD provides the font formats TrueType (.TTF also with Western1252 Encoding), Type-1 (.pfa, .font, .nfont, .pfb), and OpenType (.otf).

The fonts are either available as a complete package or separately.

CAM-Engraving Fonts (Single Line Fonts)

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